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Frequently asked questions

  1. Who uses the Adventure Playground?
    We welcome visits from anybody with a special need, from babies to adults.  Users visit with families and as individuals for respite care, or with groups from schools, playschemes, day centres and residential units.  There is no age limit, but those over 16 may only use the Playground on a Friday, which is our Adults' day.

  2. What constitutes a special need?
    We consider a special need to be anything which precludes or inhibits you from meaningful use of mainstream play provision.  This may be due to behavioural difficulties, sensory impairment, physical or learning difficulties, or any other disability which means you can't use the play equipment elsewhere or find it difficult to join in with children without special needs.

  3. Do we have to come as part of a group?
    No, you can come as a family or with a carer.

  4. Do we have to be referred?
    You do not need to be formally referred, and we do not need to see statements - just give us a ring.
  5. Can brothers and sisters come as well?
    We welcome siblings of children with special needs when you come as a family.  We also run a siblings club once a month.

  6. Can I bring friends with children without a special need?
    Because we are limited on space we are not able to allow friends of the family to come along except on Playdays, which are held on most Saturdays.
  7. Do we need to book? 
    ADVANCE BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL and it is always wise to book as far ahead as you can.  Except during school holidays and half terms, when we get fully booked very early on, a couple of days in advance should be fine.  You can also 'phone on the day to see if we have any spaces, but this does mean we may not always be able to accommodate you.
  8. How much does it cost? 
    We do not charge for using the Playground, however a donation of £8.00 per accompanied child would be a huge help in keeping the Playground going.  
  9. What if I can't afford to make a donation?
    If you feel that you are unable to make a donation we would be pleased to accept any contribution you feel able to make.  We would never stop people from using the Playground on financial grounds.
  10. Do you accept credit cards?
    We are unable to accept donations by credit or debit card at the moment.
  11. How long does a session last? 
    A session can last as long as you want it to within our opening times.  You can stay for half an hour or bring a packed lunch and spend the day with us.
  12. Is the Playground open all year round?
    We are open all year round, closing only for essential maintenance periods, normally a couple of times a year, and over Easter and Christmas.  Dates of these closures are posted on the Opening Times page.
  13. What happens if I can't attend a session?  Do I need to cancel?
    As we are limited to the number of children we can have here at any one time, we do get very busy.  Obviously, it is unfair if we have to turn a child away and then find that people don't turn up, so we ask that you cancel as soon as you know that you can't come, so we can offer the space to someone else.
  14. Do I have to stay with my child?
    Yes.  Users must be accompanied by a parent or carer.  We do, however, offer a limited respite service and you can find out more about this by talking to a member of the Playstaff.

  15. How many children do you have at the Playground at any time?
    We set a limit of between 40 and 60 children on the Playground, depending on their needs, the weather and the type of activities which we are running.

  16. How safe is the site? 
    We consider the Playground to be very safe.  The equipment and site are checked daily and we take Health & Safety very seriously. The entire site in fenced in and the gate is kept locked at all times, with Playstaff managing who has access to the Playground.  Adventure play is a potentially risky business:  we recognise that there will always be inherent risks, but we will help you and your children manage these risks and enjoy your visit.
  17. Do we need to bring special clothing?
    There is a lot of outside as well as in, so, on colder days, you will need to bring outdoor clothing to suit the weather.  During the summer months we often have our splash pool and water cannon in action, so swimming costumes and towels can also be handy - and don't forget your sun protection!
  18. My child is on medication, can we bring that to the Playground?
    We do understand that for many children their medication is vital and you can, of course, bring it with you.  To keep it safe from our other users, we ask that it be handed in at reception on arrival, for safe-keeping.   You may ask for it at any time.  If you need to keep it with you, it must be secured in a belt bag and kept with you at all times.
  19. What happens if my child has an accident whilst visiting the Playground?
    All the Playstaff have completed First Aid training, however, they are NOT insured to do it.  They are very happy to undertake any basic first aid, but only with your permission.  In the case of anything more serious an ambulance will be called immediately.
  20. Do you provide food/refreshments? 
    We do not food or refreshments.  We do have a tea and coffee machine and drinking water is, of course, available, but that is all.  Please bring a packed lunch and any soft drinks with you if you would like to - we have eating areas both inside and out.

  21. Do you have a shop? 
  22. Do you allow pets? 
    Registered Assistance Dogs only, please.
  23. Do you allow children to bring their own toys/play equipment? 
    We do not recommend that you bring toys onto the Playground:  we have plenty of toys and equipment to play with!  If your child does have a particular favourite, please ring to check if we have it and/or it might be possible for them to bring it with them.  We cannot take responsibility for any toys you bring with you.
  24. Can we book the Playground for a Birthday Party? 
    We can accommodate parties for children with special needs at certain times.  Please ring for details.
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